Dermatology Services

Caring for your loyal companion’s skin, fur and nails with routine veterinary visits.

Your pet’s skin is vital to their wellbeing. It supports their ability to feel, sense danger and safeguard themselves against environmental irritants. Since your pet’s skin is an external organ, it’s important for us to help support you in maintaining it. Our veterinary team can diagnose and treat any skin conditions your furry family member might be dealing with, to ensure they’re taken care of.

How can I tell if my pet has skin issues?

The best way to tell is to regularly examine your pet’s skin to spot any irregularities. If you bring them to the attention of our veterinary team, we can perform diagnostic tests to confirm what’s affecting your pet. Though your pet’s skin issues are dependent on what’s causing them, some general signs you might look out for are:

  • Irregular lumps and bumps across their fur
  • Skin that looks scaly or dry
  • Patches of red or irritated skin
  • Constant licking or biting at specific areas
  • Excessive shedding, including hair and/or fur loss
  • Continuously biting or chewing at their skin

What causes skin issues in pets?

There are a range of environmental irritants that can cause skin issues for your pet. Allergies are a major culprit for them. Your pet might have an allergic reaction to items in their environment (like specific plants or pollen), food (like if they’re trying a new brand) and skin products. Parasite bites can also cause redness and irritation at the sight of the bite. If your pet has a bacterial infection internally, it can also manifest as external skin issues.

How does your team support my pet’s skin health?

Before our veterinary team creates a treatment plan, first we need an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s skin issues. This might look like requesting bloodwork to examine if any internal issues are creating external skin problems. Depending on the severity of the issue, we’ll develop a treatment plan that’s right for your pet’s needs. If you have concerns about your pet’s skin health, please contact our veterinary team to book a dermatology appointment at 403-337-3221.

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