Bloodwork Services

An important diagnostic tool that provides significant information about your pet’s health.

Our veterinary team invests in the best equipment to ensure we can provide your furry friends with the best quality healthcare. Our in-clinic laboratory help us to get bloodwork results to you in a timely manner. We know waiting for your pet’s bloodwork results can be anxiety-inducing so we try our best to get them back to you so we can use this diagnostic tool to provide comprehensive care.

What types of testing do you do at the clinic?

Some testing we do at the clinic are organ function, electrolyte function (responsible for nerve and muscle function, as well as hydration), immune status and blood clotting times. Our state-of-the-art chemistry, electrolyte, immunoassay and blood gas analyzers provide accurate results quickly and support our all-around care, which includes diagnosis and treatment. One benefit of having this system on-site is during pre-surgery, we can perform our pre-surgery protocol, which includes analysing your pet’s blood to see how quickly their blood is clotting.

My pet is healthy. Why do they need bloodwork?

It’s difficult to make a completely accurate diagnosis of your pet’s internal health without tests that confirms what we can’t see. Even if your pet is the picture of health, our veterinary team might recommend bloodwork to ensure there aren’t any underlying health issues we haven’t recognized. Bloodwork helps us quickly address health issues, no matter how minor they seem, to ensure they don’t progress into issues that are detrimental to your pet’s health. If you have questions about your pet’s upcoming bloodwork, don’t hesitate to connect with us at 403-337-3221.

How should I prepare my pet for bloodwork?

Firstly, try to put your mind at ease about any pain you think your pet might experience during the process. We try our best to ensure your pet feels as little pain as possible during the bloodwork process. Most pets only feel a small pinch after the needle leaves their body. Our veterinary team will provide you with clear instructions on what to do and expect before your pet’s bloodwork. Your pet might need to fast prior to their bloodwork to ensure we get the most accurate reading of their internal health. Also, bloodwork might be paired with other diagnostic tools like fecal testing or urine analysis so we might need to collect a sample from your pet.

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